Enhancing platelet production from megakaryocytes in-vitro


Sorting megakaryocytes by the presence of Factor V selects for cells with high platelet yield


Market Need


Platelets are critical as a first line treatment for trauma and hematological diseases. The demand for platelet transfusions is increasing along with the aging population and supply is often stressed in times of increased need. In fact, it has been projected that the market for platelets is expected to grow at a rate of 5% per annum over the next decade to exceed two billion dollars. The current means to derive platelets is from human blood donation, which is limited by a stagnant donor pool, and extracted platelets must be stored in room temperature with a short shelf life of only 5 days. Thus, there is a need to derive platelets from a source independent of human blood donation.


Technology Overview


The French and Poncz lab have developed a method to enhance platelet yield in vitro through identification and sorting of the megakaryocytes that are known to produce more platelets. They discovered that the process of in vitro megakaryocyte culture creates a heterogeneous population of cells, with a maturational block occurring in some cells wherein they become damaged, decrease their ability to produce platelets, and lose their ability to take up coagulation Factor V by endocytosis. To isolate the mature platelet-producing megakaryocytes from this population, the group found that by adding fluorescent Factor V to the cells and then sorting the cells by fluorescent tag, high-quality mature platelet producing megakaryocytes are isolated. They tested the functionality of these megakaryocytes in vivo by injecting them into a mouse model of injury and found that the sorted megakaryocytes produced functional platelets. This technology opens the possibility for in vitro culture of megakaryocytes to produce platelets at yield that is commercial viable to be an alternative to human blood donor derived-platelets.



•       Creation of platelets independent of donor blood

•       Higher platelet yield during in-vitro culture


•       Increase platelet yields when producing platelets in vitro from megakaryocytes

•       Isolation of mature platelet-producing megakaryocytes for other applications


Stage of Development: In vivo proof of concept


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Methods and Compositions for Identification of Enrichment of Platelet-Producing Megakaryocytes (MKs) United States 62/395,602 N/A 9/16/2016  
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